How to unlock Android Pattern In Android Phone Without Enter An Email Address

How to unlock android pattern in android phone

How to unlock your android phone pattern when you forget your email address,Here some step to follow and unlock your phone without entering email address you get your phone home screen and access your all details.

Unlock Your Phone Follow The Following Step.

1)Just switch off you android phone and then wait for second to switched of it.

2) Then first click Up Volume Key and hold it.

3)Then click on Home Button and hold it.then press the Power Button and after it is started just release it.

4) Then you can see you enter in the Secret Android Menu you never see it before.


5)Just click on Home Button for Up and Down in the menu.

6)Then just go to Third Option Named as DELETE ALL USER DATA.


It Takes some times after it complete then your phone start and Pattern Problem Solved
So Enjoy This tricks and share with your friends.

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