Client-Server Chat Application In JAVA


Client Server Chat Application Created In Java.With this application user can chat with client server application.

In This Application User can Run Application On Client Or Server Application Using This Application Easily Chat is User To User In Java.With This Type of Application That Contain Server Or Client Code.With This Application We Can Chat Fast.It Is Just a Demo of client server chat application this is a user can more easily code with the demo and easily access the data or we can easily User This Application.

Code Of InstanceChatServer.

How to Run This Application Step By Step.

First Run InstanceChatServer File In Following Way

Chat Application In Java

After Run Open New CMD And Run InstanceChat file.

Chat Applicatoin InstanceChat

After Run This Application New Window Open Like as Following.

Chat Application registraction Form

Register Your ChatID or Name After This Open New CMD Same Procedure As Above.After This Display New User List In Side Bar Now Double Click On Name Chat Window Is Open Now Chat With Your Friend.

Chat Window

Chat Window Of Hardik

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